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Getting an education


Paying for school


Living on a budget


Watching my spending


Staying out of debt

Questions to ask before you borrow

How to avoid financial traps with Lesley Scorgie and Rob Carrick (Video)

Managing student loans and debt

Pay back OSAP (External link)

How a credit counsellor can help you get out of serious debt with Laurie Campbell and Rob Carrick (Video)

Moving into a condo, an apartment or a house

Renting vs buying
Buying student housing for your child
Rental applications and leases
Your rights as a tenant
Stay at home, rent or buy? Kit’s story (Case Study)


Tax Planning

Students and tax

Universities and college expenses can be $2,500 to $8,000 a year and up — and that’s just for tuition. Learn how the government will help you with saving for school costs now so you can rely less on student loans later.

These resources will help you get started.