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How to create income from your home

​​If you're a home owner, you can use your home to create income. First, figure out your financial needs and personal priorities. Then get some expert advice to help you decide.​​​​

2 ways to create income

1. Rent out all or part of your home

Consider this option if you have:

  • a second or additional property to rent out for all or part of the year,
  • an extra room or a separate apartment to rent out, or
  • the space to set up a bed and breakfast.

Learn more about renting out your home.

2. Borrow against the equity in your home

Consider this option if you:

  • do not want to move or rent out your property,
  • have paid off all or part of your mortgage,
  • can afford to carry a reverse mortgage or some other form of debt, and
  • are not worried about taking the money away from your estate.

Creating income

The amount of income you get will depend on a number of factors:

  • how much you borrow
  • the interest costs on your loan
  • the amount of your monthly loan payments
  • any restrictions on the loan
  • the return on any investment you make with the money or the rate for any annuity you buy with the money.

Learn more about borrowing against your home. Find out more about investing for income and how annuities work.

Freeing up cash: One couple’s decision

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